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What Our Clients Say

I would particularly recommend Jon-Jon to older people, because he has a straightforward, clear presentation as to what is best for the individual. I like the fact that Jon-Jon doesn’t use high-pressure tactics to influence me towards any particular account. I want my accounts to build while I’m alive, and then my heirs can take them over and have them continue to grow, which can also be accomplished by working with Jon-Jon.


(Current Client for 13 years)

We are quite happy with the program that Jon-Jon has planned for us and are looking forward to their continuing benefit. N is able to sleep nights knowing we will not be losing our retirement due to the present economy. We are very thankful for Jon-Jon’s work on our behalf.


(Current client for 11 years)

Jon-Jon has proven to be a friend, in addition to helping us financially. It is a blessing to have peace of mind in knowing that our finances are in order both for our family and us. Jon-Jon’s advice has allowed us the freedom to spend and enjoy what we have


(Current client for 13 years)

I am truly grateful I answered Jon-Jon’s invitation for the program and dinner. After following the steps Jon-Jon gave me to get my finances in order, I immediately felt better! I’m sad that I didn’t know about Jon-Jon sooner. It would have saved me endless worry.


(Current Client for 9 years)

Now that I’ve made the changes Jon-Jon recommended, I feel safer and am comfortable. I enjoy coming to the office and feel like I’m part of the KFG family.


(Current Client for 12 years)