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I thought to share with you today the Securities and Exchange Commission's website link on Annuities because it provides a good explanation of why people buy annuities. It tells us "People typically buy annuities to help manage their income in retirement. Annuities provide three things: Periodic payments for a specific amount of time. This may be for the rest of your life, or the life of your spouse or another person. Death benefits. If you die before you start receiving payments, the person you name as your beneficiary receives a specific payment. Tax-deferred growth. You pay no taxes on the income and investment gains from your annuity until you withdraw the money". Call us if you'd like to discuss how these features may fit into your retirement planning. We're here to help.

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Knepp Financial Group was created on the principles of helping people like you receive advice you can trust and products that lead you to your financial goals. 

At Knepp Financial Group we believe that relationships can only thrive when values match. 

Sometimes financial strategies that you've used in the past may not be the best strategies going forward. 

At Knepp Financial Group we do what's right, not what's popular!






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